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Thread: Latch open a 4043?

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    Default Latch open a 4043?

    I had an S-plan heating system that has been upgraded to full Evohome with HR92s on every radiator. At the time we simply latched open and electrically disconnected the existing heating zone valve as the boiler is now under control of the OpenTherm bridge.

    But I vaguely recall reading somewhere recently that latching open the valve using the lever on the motor head doesn't fully open the valve, but only partially opens it to allow filling/draining of the system.

    My system has been working brilliantly, so the latching has worked, but I am now curious as to whether the valve is indeed fully open or not, and whether it would matter either way. I can see that if it was partially open then it introduces an extra pressure loss over the valve in addition to the losses over the radiators etc.

    I know that in the long run I could remove the valve completely, but means more work, so I'm quite happy with the valve in situ but open. I'm more curious about what goes on in the valve when it is latched!

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