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Thread: Evohome wiring

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    I have the Evotouch mounted on the optional wall mount in our hallway where the old thermostat used to be and use it as the sensor for the hallway radiator. I found I needed a calibration of about -1.0 to get it to agree with a reference thermometer but after that it has been good. As mentioned above - if you pick it up and hold it the reading will soar as high as 30 degrees in just a few minutes due to hand heat, which would result in the radiator going off as it thinks the room is too hot, but if it is left alone on the mount it works well as a temperature sensor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doni View Post
    Existing system is combi boiler (no hot water tank) and two heating zones. The first zone is UFH in the kitchen, the second zone is the old part of the house which (currently) has thermostatically controlled radiators. We have two wireless wall stats - one for each zone. When a wall stat calls for heat, it opens the corresponding valve and tells the boiler to heat.

    The Evohome home system that I've just bought is HR92's for all of the radiators (except towel rails), two BDR91's (one for the radiator zone, and one for the UFH zone), a wifi connected controller, and a T87RF thermostat for the UFH zone.
    Apologies for digging up this old thread - I have exactly the same setup as you have. Is the advice you were given here still valid and working for you, or have things changed in the last 2 years, and there is now a better way to get this set up and running in the way that you wanted it to work?

    I'm unsure on exactly how mine has been wired, but the 2 BDR91's fire up independently of each other when the rads or UFH call for heat. The setup I have now is without the HR92's, as I have found introducing them in to the mix doesn't work for me. This could be user error on my part, a setting somewhere, or I just don't appreciate how it should work. I have read many comments on here from some of the experts, and think I have a good understanding of it now, but maybe not 100% ;-)

    So, with just the 2 zones, (UHF) and (Rads), the system works perfectly.

    If I remove the Rads zone and want to introduce 6 x HR92 zones instead, what's the best way to do this? What settings do I need to make on the controller, what gets binded to what, what role does the BDR91 play (boiler control or Zone valve) etc...

    I have tried various ways of achieving this, lots of trial and error - and I think at one stage I got it to work as desired, but then I noticed that both BDR91's call for heat when I am only expecting one of them to.

    Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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