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Thread: New Build, New Boiler, Opentherm??

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    Default New Build, New Boiler, Opentherm??

    Hi all

    About to move into a new build house, i have already got the honeywell evohome, and was told that the new build will have a Vaillant boiler fitted, so i thought it would be fine and dandy getting hold of a VR33 and getting the opentherm working.

    Went round today for a look to find this hiding in a cupboard Utility (1 of 1).jpg

    Ive done a bit of googling and it looks like it has the innards of an ecotec plus 412.

    After looking through the installer manual i can not find the Auxiliary EBUS edge connector.

    So the question is, is opentherm out the question??? oo is there another way i can get it working?



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    The manual will make no mention of the ebus edge connector. But looking at the pcb will tell you if it can be connected on or. My bet is that it should fine all Vaillants. The VR33 is simply an Opentherm to ebus bridge.

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