I'm looking for some advice or someone willing to share their experience.

I am installing a wireless door sensor to remotely monitor the status of an external door. I'm happy with building the remote indicator board which shows LEDs for the status of the door, Green = Closed, Yellow = Open, Red = Open for extended period. This I have prototyped using an Arduino and have all the logic working, I just need to remotely sense the status of the door.

I have some experience using Lloytron wireless devices which previously has allowed me to sense a bell press or magnectic contact being opened. Unfortunately for this project I need to sense when the door has been closed as well as when it is opened. The Lloytron sensor only sends on the door opening.

I looked at MiHome products from Energenie.co.uk and their MIHO033 wireless sensor seems ideal as it sends a message on opening and closing. Unfortunately I cannot find any example code to capture the message. Looking around the web they have a remote transceiver designed for connection to a Raspberry Pi (PI-MOTE2) - I can probably physically connect this to an Arduino but need help on the code to read messages received. - I don't want to use a Raspberry Pi for this project as it is over kill and cost prohibitive.

Are their any other commercial off the shelf wireless magnetic sensors that can send a message on opening and closing which can easily be interfaced to an Arduino? Looking around there are a lot of products that will interface to a gateway and the the web, but again this is over kill and cost prohibitive. I did see products such as the Xiaomi Door sensor(http://www.banggood.com/2pcs-Origina...p-1017541.html) but before I start buying too many samples I thought I would see if anyone has already invented this wheel. :-)

SO, I'm looking for a commercial wireless magnetic door contact which generates a message on opening AND closing which can easily be received and decoded by an Arduino.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

IT Tech