I Have just installed the Evohome system with 4 hr92s. As I'm new to this it has been a struggle to say the least as my existing valves needed 2 types of adaptors . 2 from the Hr92 supplied and 2 ACH m28 x 1.0 mm I had ordered.

the existing radiators in the bathroom required me to cut the pins slightly by 2mm and once done they worked fine plus I re seated the adaptor on to fully fit over the valve and when the are off and the lounge rads on they remain cool however, when I switch the lounge rads off and the bathrrom on the lounge rads still heat up. after research I did 2 things 1/ again I screws thye ACH28 adaptors I bought fully on as they were not fully seated plus the pins were very long so I cut them to much the advised length to 14mm from the valve front of thread and put back the HR92 one is a bit cooler that the other

I noticed on the ACH M28 x 1.0 mm there is a plastic pin etc. if I put this pin on they there is no way I can get the adaptor on etc.

the pin moves a stroke of around 2mm etc. If move freely but wit a bit of force need and retracts no problem

can anyone advise me

many thanks