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Thread: Evohome install advice

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    Default Evohome install advice

    Hi All,

    Looks like finally going to order Evohome and just wanted some advice.

    We have a thee floor home with a combo boiler and Systemate unit. We currently have Hive installed but want to move to room/zone based.

    On the top floor we have two wall radiators with TRV's.
    1st floor we have 6 radiators with TRV's and one radiator that has no TRV on the landing.
    Ground floor we have 5 radiators and one radiator that has no TRV in the hallway.
    We have several under unit heaters and underfloor heating, but we will leave these separate for now.

    Am i correct in assuming that those radiators that currently have no TRV's we should leave as they are and that whenever a radiator with an Evo' TRV calls heat, they will heat up (and cool down) depending on that or any other Evo' TRV calling heat? Happy with these radiators warming or cooling without control as they are in hallways.

    So if we just replace the TRV's in the house directly with Evo TRV's on a one for one basis we will be good (total of 13)?

    We also have Samsung Smarthings and a few Echo's around the house so will be looking to hook all this up.

    Thanks for help with this, anyone know on a good deal on a 13 pack with controller!

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    Hooking up with Echos and smartthings should be straight forward enough, but in all honesty other than using the echo to turn on the hot water when ive had a need for it outside of the usual kids bathtimes, I havent really used smartthings or echos integration with evohome at all. Once the schedule is set up then it pretty much does its own thing and requires very little alteration. Any adhoc changes are easily made via the app and with a lot more bespoke setting than the echo integration (which boosts only for a certain number of hours).

    As for the radiators without TRV's, the "normal" thing to assume is that these would still heat up whenever heat is called for by any of the other radiators, but it will depend on how the system is piped and zoned (are there any multi way valves for example).

    If there are no valves, and flow simply goes to whichever radiators have open TRV's, then yes, these radiators would heat up whenever anything other radiator calls for heat. In fact depending on whether there is a bypass installed it is my understanding you may need to keep this setup to prevent the boiler overheating on pump overrun. That was certainly the case with our setup until we got a low loss header.

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