Hi all,

First time poster and HA newbie.

Moved into a pre-1920s chalet bungalow and trying to retro-fit it with better heating and cooling controls plus I have installed a 4kw Solar PV Solaredge system.

The solar PV system came with an iBoost for dumping excess generation into the hotwater, even in these short days and working from home with a wife and two little ones most days the iboost does some dumping.

Also I am fitting evohome, so far i have only fitted 4 x HR92 Rad valves and Controller and have a hot water kit, 4 more HR92 and BDR91 on order.

Plus i have installed Warmup E-UFH in the upstairs bedrooms.

Aim: I want to be able to dump excess PV generation into an Infrared Heating panel in my small office room (in winter) and dump excess generation into Air Conditioning in the summer, of course both would have a thermostat in series. I will leave Infrared panels and thermostats to another discussion thread as i know they dont heat air but if the air was say 20 Degrees and there is excess solar PV then i'd like the panel to come on. Likewise, if the air is 25 degrees in the bedrooms in summer and excess PV is generated i'd like the Air Con units to come on regardless of occupancy but i wouldnt want them to come on at 25 degrees if there is no excess solar and no occupancy.

I have a Zigbee controller installed in the Solaredge Inverter but the Solaredge range of device control are expensive and i'd have to get the expensive Solaredge installers in to to add components.

There are alternatives to iboost such as Solarcache, which have additional load switching but again they are expensive and it seems these companies go bust very quickly as product demand just isnt there.

any ideas on how i could control these depending on excess PV? Could i do anything with the iboost secondary load switch that is unused? or are there any Zigbee devices i could hook?

thanks in advance!