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Thread: Preparing for the party season - keeping the heat on

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    Default Preparing for the party season - keeping the heat on

    With Christmas and New Year parties looming and my Evohome system being only 3-months old and I have still to pick up all the hints and tips, I was wondering how to keep the heat on (all zones) until say 03:00 in the morning?

    I could produce a custom schedule and laboriously go through each zone in-turn selecting my needs, but all I want to do is keep the heat on for a few more hours and then go off and revert to normal a few hours later, but there seems to be no obvious way of doing it, there are plenty of options to turn heat down, turn it off, go on holiday but not the converse, I look forward to an option that enables the Eco Mode to be programmed (in reverse) to do this - don't the Germans have parties

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    If it's just one or two occasions your best bet is probably to set individual timed overrides on each zone - laborious if you have a lot of zones, I know. A bit quicker via the smart phone app but still clunky.

    One of my wish list features has been a list of preset favourite temperatures to use in the manual override screen and the option to apply a timed override to multiple zones at once - this would make the job of say setting 20 degrees until 3am in most of the rooms in the house straight forward and quick.

    Another option would be the custom action - you can choose which zones the custom action overrides (for example in your case you might want to avoid overriding bedrooms keeping them hot until 3am) but you can only choose one schedule for all of the affected zones - eg they all follow the same schedule. You can set custom to turn off automatically but only to the nearest midnight, not to a specific hour.

    Other possibilities would be setting overrides using something like Domoticz, IFTTT, Alexa etc.

    But I agree - out of the box what you want to do is unreasonably awkward if you have a lot of zones, and it could have been so much easier with relatively minor tweaks in the UI design.

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    What about a recipe in IFTTT?
    You would initially have to set it up for each zone but once set up you can use it as you want.

    I use google calendar with the key word ' Day Shift' but the key word could be anything.
    The first trigger would be Google Calendar with a trigger word.
    Second trigger would be Evohome then set it up for one zone (ie living room) set target temp, and how long.

    You would then set the above for all the zones that you would want to control in hours.

    Then to make it run, in your google calendar put in your trigger word at the time you want it to operate (so say your heating normally 'goes off' at 11pm then put your calendar entry in at, say 11.05pm so it doesn't conflict with a setpoint). Also make sure that you don't have any interim setpoints in the time you are wanting it to operate.

    Just been looking at IFTTT and you used to be able to publish your own recipes but I can't see that option any more. (I was going to put a link to it.)
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