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Thread: HR92 Dial increases temperature in both directions.

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    Default HR92 Dial increases temperature in both directions.

    Have just rearranged some furniture and now have easy access to a valve I didn't before.
    For some reason no matter which way I turn the dial ontop it increases the temperature.
    Is there anything I can do about this.

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    Get it swapped for one that works properly!

    is it still under Warranty? Honeywell are excellent when it comes to warranty swap-outs.

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    Sounds like the optical encoder for the dial is faulty. Optical encoders typically have two light beams interrupted at 90 degrees by the shaft of the turning dial, if one of the sensors or LED's in the pair is faulty or misaligned the symptom is usually that the device thinks you're only ever turning the dial one way no matter which way you turn it. I've seen this quite often when repairing early digital radios that used these kind of chopper optical encoders for the frequency knob.

    Hopefully it's still under warranty!

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