Just in the process of creating the image file for this.

- Dev build of Domoticz, release version (i.e. you can make changes to the source and recompile on the Pi)
- HGI80 drivers added
- The web server runs on port 8080
- It uses DHCP to pick up an IP address (I assume people will want a fixed IP, but as we all have different RFC 1918 ranges - 192.168.*, 10.10.* or whatever I think it's easiest for most people to bind the IP address via their router).
- SSH enabled
- As released it has the standard password for the pi login, but you should probably change that.

Can anyone think of anything I need to add before I make copies of this available? I'm probably going to share it via Dropbox, and only for a few days. I just think it might help some people.

Oh, and hand up who's interested...