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Thread: UK PC interface required

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    Default UK PC interface required

    I'm about to start a little project.

    I want to find a device which is available in the UK (and preferably an equivalent for US also), which can be programmed and controlled by a PC (preferably by USB, although not compulsory).

    I want the unit to be able to 'remember' the routine from the PC, and then be able to work without the PC being switched on all the time.

    I've seen a few that do this, but they seem to be for the US market only.

    Are there devices like this available for the UK also?
    Do they have a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for them??

    Any help appreciated


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    Default Re: UK PC interface required

    I think you are talking about the CM12 (The American version being the CM11A). You can purchase them from They have a 1K EEPROM for standalone programming & operation (normally via the free Active Home software).

    These devices are connected to the PC via RS232 but you can get a USB version (which is just a USB to serial converter lead).

    If you want a go at programming yourself, then take a look at

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