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Thread: Less Robotic Annunciations

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    Default Less Robotic Annunciations

    I am having relatives staying in my house for a few months while I'm away and am currently on a mission to make as many things as user friendly as possible. One of the things I've always wanted to change but never found the time to look into is the annunciations for built in menus. For example the HVAC menu when adjusting temperature will say "Change temperature has been actioned" which is a bit robotic. This doesn't usually bother me as I have the temperature profiles set for my tastes so very rarely make adjustments. My relatives will likely want to tweak the profiles using the panels however. A more natural language acknowledgement along the lines of "Temperature altered" would be better. Are these annunciations customisable? I haven't found a way to do so yet. Being able to add a little humour like Siri often does would definitely make acceptance easier for those not used to automation.

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    not sure, for your particular cases, but IIRC such annunciations are optional, and we've added lots of custom annunciations of our own via the Audio / Sound and General / AllDisplay objects, triggered by General Logic and/or Button connections ...

    another option might be Amazon Echo, working into Cortex, which Neil was experimenting with ...

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