Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I've posted on here! I'm not automating as much these days and so sadly to free up some space, I am selling my multi DVD changer.

For sale : Sony Vaio XL1B2 200 DVD Changer

Full pics here : http://www.twisted-pixel.co.uk/Photography/DVD-Vaio/

This is a 200 disk CD and DVD changer and recorder. This is a US import and COMES WITH the UK 120-> 240V transformer, manuals , installation disk and all cables to get this running.

Note : This will not ordinarily play back to your TV. Apart from the power supply, it's sole connection is via a Firewire IEEE1394 port to your PC.

This was built especially for Windows Media Centre and allows your Videos view to show a catalogue of all of this disks in the Vaio carousel, ready for playback.

For those of you in the know, there are many Linux and Windows automation scripts out there for integration to your needs. This includes mass ripping of disks to maintain readily playable copies of your favourite audio and DVDs. I have used this device to spend many a night to back up my full set of DVDs.

Please note that this is a noisy device but tends to get quieter with time. Also though it will sit well with existing 19" equipment, please note that it is quite deep. Full specs are a google away.

There is abit of an underground community still wanting to revive this player as it is unique in supporting a PC based connection. Aside from mass ripping scripts, there are some users whom have converted this to support BluRay Read / Write.

Cosmetically, this has a few light scratches and marks, but from afar you will not notice them. Functionally, it works spot on and I have tested this against Windows 7 Media Centre.

Comes complete with Manual, Installation disk, Firewire Cables and Full US-> UK transformer.

Seeking 150 .. Collection only, I'm afraid due to size and weight. I live in Gerrards Cross, just off the A40 in South Bucks.

This is being listed elsewhere so please get in contact sooner rather than later.