Happy New Year all!

Does anyone know if it is possible to automate the task of periodically taking a backup copy of the database? I thought I might be able to use an event to does this but it doesn't appear this is supported. I run Cloudberry backup on my clients but as the database file for*Cortex is locked open or at least you don't want to try and access this file at the same time as Cortex I wanted to take a backup to a separate folder and have the backup software then backup the database copy.

In a similar way I would like to be able to gracefully shutdown the Idratek network so that my machine can be periodically rebooted, for example during monthly patching. Windows has the capability of running shutdown scripts prior to going down. Again is it possible to interact with Cortex such that on a script could call the network to stop, if necessary the database backed up and Cortex exited before shutting down?

Many thanks