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Thread: What happens non trv radiators with evohome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FUNKYDADDIO View Post
    Many thanks to everyone for your help. This is the towel rail I was talking about. I closed off both valves (as such) yesterday and it dropped a few drips of water from the left hand side. I`m really not sure if my system has a bypass, is there a way to check? Its only been installed 4 years. I really wanted to maximise savings and having the bathroom warm pretty much frustrates this.
    Where did the drip come from - under the knob or at one of the hexagonal nuts ? If it came from under the knob the gland seal could be leaking, this allows water to leak past the shaft to the knob, but it will only leak there if the valve isn't fully open.

    Or it could be a sign that there is no automatic bypass valve in the system and that closing down these "bypass" radiators is causing excessive pressure buildup.

    Automatic bypass valves have a variety of looks, mine looks similar to this one:

    It will have some sort of adjustment with a number that lets you set the pressure between 0.1 and 0.6 bars, (possibly labelled with a number from 1 to 6) and it will be piped between the output of the pump and the return line back into the boiler. If you can't find one near your boiler you probably don't have one, although new installations as recent as 4 years ago were required by building regulations to have them AFAIK.
    When you mention using the evotouch controller to control hall temp does this mean I could set it up as a zone effectively without a hr92 and use the controller hence giving me a spare hr92?
    No. The HR92 is still required to control the flow through the radiator, the difference is the room temperature is sensed at the evotouch controller instead of using the built in sensor on the HR92, and its generally more accurate (and sometimes necessary) to sense the room temperature away from the radiator for best results.
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