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Thread: Low level wash lighting for Bathroom

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    Default Low level wash lighting for Bathroom

    Has anybody installed low level wash lighting in a bathroom? I'm interested in what products you used. I'm fed up with being rudely awaken due to brightness if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. So I saw some eyelid LEDs in a posh bathroom shop but they were 200 for the lights and 90 for the PIR because "it was special" and that's about all I could get from them.

    I've been trawling the internet most of morning for something neat and this is as good as I've got so far...

    Sensio Nimbus 6 Pack - 33
    Sensio PIR Sensor - 28

    These together seem to make up a solution but, the one's I saw had an eyelid which means all the light went down to the floor. I found one that looked the part - (ILS EYELID1W) but the LEDs were 94 each! Also another on mr-resistor that I like and at a more 'reasonable' 39 each. Both had to have driver and PIR extra.

    If anyone has come up with a good solution with nice looking lights I'd really appreciate some idea of what you ended up with.

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    I have one of these on the wall above the loo, about a foot above head height. It's enough light for an accurately aimed pee, but not enough to wake me up fully.

    No automation of course - you have to press it! I tried sensor light, but the batteries don't seem to last. By Dot-It seems to go for about two years on a set of batteries.


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    Haven't done it, but considered something similar for lighting the stairs without turning on a "big" light.
    My plan was to use rope light (e.g. and suitable sensors.

    Was inspired by posts / sites such as these:

    Maybe hide the LEDs / rope light under the sink, behind the loo, etc.?

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