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Thread: Tado V3 vs Evohome ?

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    I had a chance to have a quick look at the new Tado V3 radiator valves today - not on a radiator though, just out of the box, but I was able to note a few things.

    1) It's completely cylindrical and quite small in a grey matt finish - smaller than many TRV's and significantly smaller than the HR92. Diameter is roughly the same as an HR92 with the screen folded in, however it is not nearly as tall - I'd say about 20-25mm shorter, so it is quite squat.

    2) There is no LCD display, the only form of display is a "through the plastic" LED dot display which can display a two digit set point temperature. This only seems to light up when you are turning the dial to manually adjust the temperature, it does not seem to display room set point, and it goes out completely after a few seconds. When it is not lit the presence of a display is not apparent at all, it just looks like a plastic cylinder.

    3) Turning the dial manually only lets you adjust in 1 degree steps, and the display does not appear to be capable of displaying a full stop or half degree digit. (Perhaps the smart phone app provides smaller steps)

    4) There are no exterior buttons or visible controls - the only control seems to be being able to turn the top of the cylinder, a bit like an Amazon echo volume knob.

    5) The main body has a twist to lock action on the base which is screwed onto the radiator valve. On the underneath of the unit hidden when mounted on the base is the battery compartment and a binding button. The centre pin driver is a large flat black circle rather than the narrow metal pin you see on an HR92.

    6) It has a bar code sticker on the side which I believe is used to bind the device to your Tado account - similar to what you do with Cisco Meraki AP's.

    7) There is a small hole on the edge of the flat top, presumably for one of the sensors.

    8) It fits standard M30x1.5 by default but also includes three adaptors in the box.

    I didn't hear the motor running to see how noisy it was but not mounted on a radiator it wouldn't tell me much anyway.

    So it looks nice enough, but very minimalist - apart from a hidden binding button, a single turning top section for temperature and the set point display there is no other user interface - if it has any other customisable settings (like the HR92 does) they must only be accessible through the app. With such a minimal UI troubleshooting connectivity/binding issues could be challenging.
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