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Thread: Wire-less OpenTherm Thermostat

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    Default Wire-less OpenTherm Thermostat


    For a micro-CHP fieldtest I need a thermostat with specific properties. Maybe someone on this forum can point me to such a product.

    I'm looking for thermostat that is:
    1. wire-less (RF, but also power line communication would do).
    2. able to provide (at the boiler side) digital access to setpoint and roomtemperature information (e.g. by using the OpenTherm protocol).

    I hope the someone here knows such a product.

    Best Regards,

    Koen Kok
    Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)

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    Default Re: Wire-less OpenTherm Thermostat

    Have a look at Honeywell Hometronic range. Honeywell W8621A1002 Comfort module has OpenThem Interface towards Boiler and can be coupled with wireless thermostat from the range.

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