I think there were 2 in stock when I placed my order, as I anguished over whether I should buy both. I settled for just getting just 1 until I'd tested it out. Rapid are showing a couple of months lead time now . Sodaq is a European vendor which has them in-stock. I did try Robotshop, as they sell both the RFBee and UartSBee, but they were on backorder too. Maybe I should consider a bulk-buy next time?

Oh, I did take a look at whether the current version of the RFBee Evohome firmware has any power saving implemented and I was wrong, it hasn't. I was confusing it with the alternate firmware that the same person developed for the RFBee, which creates a remote temperature sensor that can be linked into Evohome/Domoticz. Exactly the type of application you were recommending is more suited to a battery powered set-up, Bruce.