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Happy to report that my SeeedStudio RFBee and UartSBee have now arrived and I've got them up and running with the fullTalgoRythm/EvohomeWirelessFW firmware as an alternative to the HGI80. It's connected to my Windows machine running Domoticz at the moment, but should work OK on my Pi too.


It was my first time messing with Arduino stuff. Not too painful a learning curve, but I was a bit impatient and I think I should really have understood a bit more what I was actually doing! Hopefully this will help me progress further with the development of some of the new Evohome functionality in Domoticz. It shouldn't matter which type of non-HGI80 device is used as long as Domoticz can connect to it via a serial port.

What was the total parts cost ? When you say serial port do you mean you are having to use a standard USB to serial port interface to connect this board to your PC/Pi ?