Several people have asked me recently (in threads, and via PM) about my Domoticz setup which is equivalent to using an HGI80, but without the HGI80!

I intend to write more about it soon, but in summary I use a Raspberry Pi which has a radio board I bought from busware.de (I'll write more about this too). The radio board has an Atmel atmega1284p microcontroller and a Texas Instruments CC1100 radio chip on it. I have custom-written firmware which runs on the microcontroller and configures and interfaces with the radio chip to read the Evohome radio messages and decode them into the same format that the HGI80 produces. At this point, Domoticz thinks it's talking directly to a genuine HGI80 and everything is good! (Oh, and it can transmit too, so you have rudimentary control of the Evohome via Domoticz.)

I am a professional software developer, and the code I hacked together is somewhat shameful. I'm in the process of cleaning it up, etc., and will publish it here together with more information when I'm done.

If anyone has any questions in the mean time, please feel free to ask!