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Thread: My HGI80 equivalent Domoticz setup without HGI80

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    A quick question for those using custom receivers for decoding the Rameses protocol - does anyone know the feasibility of using an RTL-SDR (generic software defined radio) to receive and decode the packets for monitoring purposes, and whether there is any software already written that might be able to do so ?

    I have one of these:

    I currently use it for messing around with - primarily for receiving and decoding the 868.3Mhz signal from my Bresser 5 in 1 weather station outdoor unit - which it does brilliantly with a program called rtl_433 which does the decoding of the signal. I also use it for monitoring ADS-B locator transmissions from planes, (up to 50 miles away just with an antenna stuck to the inside of a window, so it seems reasonably sensitive!) and also use SDR Sharp as a general purpose software radio with it.

    I can easily tune in 868Mhz in SDR Sharp and see the little blips from Evohome, my Loop energy monitor and my weather station - all of which are relatively close in frequency to each other but have their own distinctive signature on the spectrogram display.

    An RTL-SDR is receive only of course so it can't send any messages to the Evohome devices or send requests to elicit responses, but passive monitoring would still be useful for diagnostic purposes and learning more about the protocol and behaviour of the devices. And if I can do it with hardware I already have and cobbling together some software, that's cool.

    So is it possible ?
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