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Thread: Evohome or Tado

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    Default Evohome or Tado

    Considering automating my entire heating system.

    The house has 16 radiators all with traditional TRVs. Two rooms have 3 radiators so 12 zones in total if I have each room as a single zone but could group a few others if needed.

    Everything including the hot water cylinder is heated from a gas boiler.

    At the moment there is no zoning everything comes on together. I have have the option of manually switching a valve that turns off the radiators and just heats the water during summer.

    Considering getting either a Tado or Evohome installed.
    The general consensus on this forum seems to be that Evohome is better but wondering what are the advantages/disadvantages of both systems.

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    You'll find another recent thread already discussing Tado V3 vs Evohome here:

    May be best to join the discussion there instead of starting a duplicate thread.

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