IFTTT is great, but quite limited. I'd like to set an IFTTT applet (previously called a recipe) that triggers an Evohome quick action to turn on the heating whenever the outside temperature falls below -2C, but only on Thursdays. (Too complicated to explain why I want to do this.) But in IFTTT, you can only have one "IF" condition, so you can do this every Thursday (regardless of the outside temp) or every time the temperature falls below 5C (whether it is Thursday or not), but you can't have a double condition (IF X AND Y).

Stringify is a service similar to IFTTT, except it allows multiple conditions and multiple actions. So, it would seem to be the answer I need, except it does not seem to have Evohome integration. It does, however, have other Honeywell heating systems. Does anyone know if Evohome integration is coming?

Or has anyone worked out how to link Stringify to IFTTT? (ie, set up the multiple conditions in Stringify, with the action being to trigger an IFTTT applet which turns on the heating with Evohome)