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Thread: Evohome set up - question

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    Default Evohome set up - question

    Hi All,

    I'm about to install evohome in a property I've just renovated and in need of some advice to check I've chosen the right Evo home elements.

    Setup: I've got UFH on Ground (2 zones), First (2 zones) and 2nd Floor (1 zone).

    There are two manifolds: 1 ground; 1 first.

    I think I need:

    UFH controller x 2;
    Actuators MTX x 6;
    Evohome base controller;
    4 x Yxxxx thermostats (1 for 2 zones GF; can you use Lyric thermostats as a single zone controller?) they look nice than the others...
    I've got an unvented cylinder but I don't think there is a place to put the temperature sensor.

    Really grateful for any thoughts if this is correct setup and if I've missed anything.

    Thank you.

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    Temperature sensor. My HW sensor is pushed up at an angle under the unvented tank insulation. Access is via the electrical access panel. Has worked well for nearly 3 years.

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