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Thread: best system X10 or???

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    Default best system X10 or???

    Hi...bit of a newbie here... want to include automation into my home... I am aware of x10 and what can be done. Is there another system that would be better.. maybe using wifi etc... I want to include lighting control and security specifically and don not want any majorly expensive solutions

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    X10 is a good place to start. I you have the budget a hard wired system like CBus will be much better (but more expensive obviously). Look at...

    An in-between option is Z-Wave which is slowly taking off. We need more UK units though. Check out the demo here...


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    Default Re: best system X10 or???

    Check out
    - much more functionality than x10
    - cheaper than x10
    - gateway to x10


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