Hi Paul,
Having noticed your status of AutomatedHomeLegend and the fact that you have struggled with an Ideal Vogue and Opentherm setup I wondered if you might be able shed some light on a problem that has defeated me so far.
I have an Ideal Vogue System boiler controlled with a comprehensive home brewed microprocessor control system with processor controlled thermostats in most rooms of the house with a VB front end. These are all on a two wire serial network similar to Opentherm but obviously not using the same protocol . The system operates Danfoss 24v thermally activated valves on the radiators as well as monitoring outside temperature, light level and controlling fans, lights, X10 etc.
My problem is that I have two Myson fan assisted plinth heaters in the kitchen and I am getting insufficient flow through them to drive them effectively, even if they are the only radiators active at the time. Initially if the system turns on with no other open radiators then the error No Water Flow appears on the screen, if I crack open another thermostatically controlled radiator then the message does not appear.
The connection to the heaters is 28mm (6m) from the boiler, splits into 2 x 22mm (4m) one of which then splits into 2 x 15mm (5m) one of which then feeds the two 15mm connections to the plinth heaters.
I should mention that prior to the installation of the Vogue boiler the system ran perfectly well on a 35 year old GlowWorm 40/60 boiler.
What appears to happen is the modulating pump which starts off at a maximum of 80%, after a number of minutes drops to 50% and is not providing sufficient flow through the plinth heaters. Why does it never run at 100% is another question in itself.
The output temperature takes some understanding as well, it would be nice to be able to disable all the not very effective burner and pump modulation but that would be pie in the sky.
I contacted Ideal tech support who suggested I should use an option on the menu screen for Pump Speed Override it transpires that mine was a very early Vogue boiler that did not have this option, as I imagine yours must be too. His only solutions was ‘to live with it’ or replace the controller and screen display, he could not quote a price of doing this and was not at all sympathetic to my problem.
As a last resort unless you have any other suggestions is that I am considering building an Opentherm interface and use that to control the pump speed, do you know if that option would be available via that interface?