Hi guys, I hope its not too ignorant of me posting a "how do I start" type of email but think that ever so often a round-up of the market from a group of people with good knowledge and experience is great to read.

I had an OWL Intuition-C set up in an old small house which I have uninstalled and is available to use if needed.

I am now in a 5 bed 15 yr old house with single zone gas CH, however it has a large 13x6metre kitchen extension on the back (with a huge glass orangery roof and total of 10 frames of bifold doors [2x5]) and this is completely heated by 2 zones of electric underfloor heating (2x OJ Microline MCD-2 controllers).

I wish to have:

remote control of heating, especially of any boost function, after which it returns to default settings

some sort of weather optimisation, preferably from both ground or external temperature as well as internet weather forecast, especially re sunniness of forthcoming day - I would have thought orangery-type rooms were so common these days that someone must have sorted this sort of optimisation?)

reasonably user friendly for SWMBO / family (although they are all pretty technosavy)

as financially good value system as possible

What do people suggest - I don't think the OWL will sort underfloor heating and it would only give one temperature as a boost temperature as timer and thermostatic functions were sort of combined?? (An acceptable economy would be to leave the far zone MCD-2 as is)

Many thanks for any advice, Phil, Crewe, Cheshire