I have for sale small (2.85 sq m) electric underfloor heating kit (2.85m x 1m) which I had installed in our small kitchen. Im doing open plan kitchen/diner hence it won't be needed anymore. I had it running with Y87RF2024 connected to Evohome Controller via BDR91 with no problem, as its total power is well withing 5A rating (around 2A). The kit consists of:
1. 2.85m x 1m wide Ecofilm 160W/m. Can be cut in length and is less than 1mm thick.
2. Cut to size vapour barrier with 10cm overlaps - aprox 1.20m x 3.20m
3. Manual Underfloor Thermostat with temperature floor probe BYC12. Can be set to sense air/floor/air&floor
4. Barrier Pro X Tape
Perfect for small projects without raising floor level as standard thick heating! 65 quid including P&P. Grab a bargain