first post so please be gentle

i am in need of some advise as to how to best to continue this project.

our house is newly built 3 years ago with 2 telephone points originally.

the main socket i think is is kitchen, it has the open out part at bottom, the other builder installed socket is in main bedroom.

since then the sky guy took a feed off kitchen socket to living room for sky connection and the telephone people took feed off bedroom to office for ADSL connection

i have just managed to put 2 feeds of CAT 5 into each room downstairs and upstairs room with all the CAT 5 cable running into the attic, with plenty of slack

now i need to devise a plan to hook up all the rooms to telephone line, later i will look at adding computer networking on to this but for now would be happy with getting telephones up and running

will i be able to keep existing telephone locations which presumably didnt use CAT 5 cabling hopefully these can be added into network

currently i have some floorboards lifted upstairs and i think i have located the telephone cable feeding original upstairs point, will this make life easier?

any advise/suggestions most appreciated

how is this done? what equipment do i need to get