I'm working on a prototype of code to perform some of the functions of the Evohome controller and I need some help with tracking down the exact structure of the commands to request and update the daily setpoint programs for each zone.

To do this I think I need the help of someone with an RFG100 and a serial device, a HGI80 or equivalent. They'd need to use the Evohome phone app to make a change to a daily setpoint for one of their zones and then capture the commands that the RFG100 sends to their Evohome controller using the serial device. I know it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd ask. You shouldn't need to mess with your Domoticz set-up to achieve this (I assume if you've got a HGI80 you're using it with Domoticz). Hopefully, just using a serial client connected to the HGI80 should be sufficient.