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Thread: Clock change (daylight saving) on Evotouch

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    Like others, I have one controller that has changed and one that hasn't. In my case RFG100 gateways and the older controller. Whether I had auto DST on or off one defaulted to GMT within an hour of setting it. I have found that turning the gateway off and it's been fine since.
    Rameses - When you say "users that registered", do you mean "locations that have been created"? I have had an account for a long time and only added my second controller last month, so created a new location on my old account.
    yes you are correct 'new location' would be a more accurate description. | I work for Honeywell. Any posts I make are purely to help if I can. Any personal views expressed are my own

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    Quick update on this from my perspective: I logged a case with Honeywell support as suggested and just received an email from them stating that a "remote fix" had been applied to my device. I guess this is the timezone update Rameses mentioned earlier in the thread. Hopefully it'll be on the right time when I get home from work later...

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    Mine has been corrected too - with thanks to Honeywell and Rameses. Curiously though, it seems that the daylight saving time (DST) flag is not taken directly from the timezone that you select for your location on the Total Connect Comfort (TCC) site. I had set my timezone to UTC+1 West Central Africa as a workaround while the problem persisted but found that, once Honeywell amended my location profile, my controller moved onto UTC+2. It seems therefore that setting the timezone on the TCC site defines only the base timezone without DST. The DST offset is determined separately by a bespoke Honeywell configuration based on our location (country and postcode). Thus for the UK timezone, one could alternatively select any of the UTC timezones (Casablanca, Reykjavik) and it would not make any difference. I note this here, only in case this problem resurfaces in future years and anyone comes across the archive of this thread. For now, it seems like we are fixed. Thanks again Honeywell.

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