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Thread: New heating project.

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    Default New heating project.

    Thank you in advance for your patience

    I live in a rented house in the UK. Standard closed loop boiler supplying CH and HW, wired thermostat in lounge. Honeywell timer/controller by the boiler.

    As I am renting, I can bypass the thermometer and controller, but need them to be able to be re commission when I leave property.

    What I would like to do is:
    Home Automation on the cheap!
    Install a wireless TRV on all radiators (except the bathroom, that can be on whenever the heating is circulating to ensure no damp)
    The eq-3 max! ones seem the best value.
    Set up a Raspberry Pi to communicate directly with the valves to read current setting/temperature and set current setting/temperature. (Not using cube as that adds 55 to the project)
    Set up RPi to control CH on/off and HW on/off
    A web interface to connect to the RPi to set desrired temperature in each room either manually or on a schedule
    RPi to set TRV desired temperture as per schedule.
    RPi to poll all TRV perhaps every 30 seconds to see if any TRV are open and turn on/off CH accordingly

    I have an RPi. I used to work programming/analyst database designer. I have been out of the loop for 15 years! So no modern skills but a logical and experience mind.

    I am hoping that most of this has been done before and that I will just need to patch established modules together, but really no idea where to start. In the future I may wish to automate some lighting, pre-predict heating turn on times based on the outside ambience etc, but this is of secondary concern.

    I look forward to your comments


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    A couple of problems I can see:

    1- cheap eTRVs tend to be incredibly noisy.

    2- polling them every 30s will probably result in terrible battery life.


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    Hmm, good point on the polling. For me it's cheap or bust. Can replace layer if funds allow.

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