Hello Automated Home community,

Dani from Truth here, an independent research and strategy consultancy. We'd like to invite you to take part in a research project exploring the future of technology in the home, not just technical developments but the wider impact on the home and life of its inhabitants.

It will be a closed, secure, community of no more than 5 selected participants, all of whom will receive 150 (paid via BACs or cheque as preferred) as a thank you for their time, as well as a fun opportunity to interact and share knowledge.

Please see further details below. If you're interested or have any queries please respond to the prompts below via this thread or at daniela.aguilera@truth.ms

As an independent research consultancy abiding by the MRS code of conduct you can be assured that at no point will there be any sales or advertising involved, and all responses are treated in the strictest confidence and used for research purposes only.

Successful participants will be chosen and notified no later than this Friday.

What's involved: 3 week online community exploring the future of technology in the home, and a follow up 1 hour telephone interview (to take place within 4 months of community completion)

Dates of online community: 10th April 1st May (3 full weeks)

Expected time spent participating - Up to an hour a week (hour can be spread out over the week at intervals and times best suited to you)

Spec is below - Examples can be brief, just enough to give us a good idea :-)

Extremely engaged in technology in general with a passion and knowledge for latest innovations - please provide examples

Have connected-home tech devices - please provide examples

Own some very innovative home tech devices. We're interested in products for running the home, not just leisure products like surround sound and TV tech (although this is interesting too), but also functional tools that help you run your home more efficiently. - please provide examples

How often do you use your connected and/or automated home technology?

Happy to upload images and videos from their phone onto the community/ articulate and open. Please confirm

Please also include your age, gender, where you live in the UK, and who you live with (just so we can make sure to include a spread of the demographics).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dani @ Truth