I'm fairly new here.

I am renovating (slowly) an old property and have Evohome.

The heating is a system boiler, 50kw approx. Unvented cylinder and radiators over 3 floors with 5 zones and HW controlled at the moment.

I have electric UFH in 3 room's which I plan to "trigger" using BDR91's, all circuits are under 1kw, so no need for a contactor. I would then use a room stat in that room, I trust this is a sound plan?

I am just doing the next 2 rooms which will be wet UFH, I purchased 2 x Y87RF2024 kits, to get the above room stats, so have 2 x BDR91 relays surplus to requirements.

Do I need to use the HCC80R? Or can I just use the BDR relays, connected to MT4/8 valves?

Does anybody have a good link for wet UFH manifolds?

Many thanks for any help.