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    Default ABV Fitting Location

    Hi all

    I know there may be better suited forums for this question but I like this one, and the topic of ABVs does quite often come up on here.

    I need to install an ABV to reduce the system noise present when only one or two radiators are on.

    My boiler manual does not give any guidance as to where to locate the ABV, but I thought I read somewhere that it should be over 1 metre away from the boiler.

    I have attached a photo of the pipe layout.

    I have had a plumber around (to quote for a different job) and asked about it, and they suggested putting it in the position highlighted green, or maybe the bit in red to get it a bit further away.

    I don't want to doubt a professional's opinion but I just wondered, is it better to have a larger bypass loop? If so, would there be any benefit of putting it in the position that I have highlighted in blue? (The X's are the inline ABV). The floor needs to come up to do some other work, so there is room to make the loop even larger if needed..

    Many thanks
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