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Thread: Conrad Connect now supports Evohome

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    Quote Originally Posted by filbert View Post
    Just had a look and all my zones are showing identical temperatures and profiles. That's definitely not correct.

    Hadn't looked for a while, so no idea how long this has been going on.
    Just noticed that the Conrad Connect problems seem to have been fixed. My data and dashboards are back working properly again.

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    Looking at your comments, I'm guessing they have cut down on what you can get for free, currently you can only have 1 dashboard with 12 items, although you can pay a bit more for 4 dashboards with 30 widgets each.

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    I (and I guess others) have had an email from Conrad saying they're changing the product and, if I want to keep my data, I'll have to pay for a premium package, discounted to €3.99/month:

    "If you take no further action, your account will automatically be transferred into a free STARTER package on April 28, 2020. As you continue to use our new offer, you accept our updated Terms of Use. We are thus stopping our service in the form that it was offered so far. Please note, that in this context all device connections with your account will be deactivated."

    As I don't really use it, I'm not inclined to pay for an account but I thought I'd at least export the data that had been collected. However, it only seems to give me a couple of weeks, so not really that useful.

    I wanted to track domestic HW but it doesn't seem to support that.

    Do others find it useful?

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    I thinks its good, see the projects have reduced to three. That will allow 18 sensors to be logged so setpoint & actual of 9 zones of evohome. Perfect for me, 9 rads

    I have it setup to log to google sheets and have created my own graphs and tables in googles.

    So logging is all done to cloud and I just access from my google drive on any device

    I'll be honest, now my system is setup I do not look that much at it. But it is great when you have issues to get a idea of what is not working


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