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Thread: Hue or Z-Wave dimmer switches

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    Default Hue or Z-Wave dimmer switches

    Hello all. This is my first post (of probably many as i embark on my home automation journey). Apologies if this has been asked before but I am renovating my house soon as going to make it smart. The first thing I want to docks lighting but am a bit confused whether to go down the Hue route and buy all new bulbs for the house and buy the Hue dimmers for wall switches or to go for just a Z-Wave dimmer switch for each room? Has anyone got any advise?

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    Welcome Neal2000uk.

    The usual answer to these type of questions is 'depends'. Not that helpful, so I'll try a bit harder.

    You first need to decide what controller you will be using (if any). If what you are after is a simple light system then Hue will probably have it covered. If you are wanting a bit more than just lighting I'd recommend the z-wave route.

    There are various protocols / controllers and equipment you can buy. It's quite difficult to know where to start. If you start cheap and easy you might soon outgrow your system and realise it's limitations, wishing you invested more.

    I'll suggest a way forward and I'm sure a few others will chip in their thoughts.

    I would suggest going for a SmartThings hub. It has a reasonable level of control and is relatively easy to set up. It works with wifi 'things', z-wave and zigbee. The SmartThings website shows the current official (i.e. straight forward without additional programming) things that are supported. Also there are a large number of unofficially supported kit. If you are going to do a lot of complex things then you may find the SmartThings hub is too restrictive. The next step up would be a Fibaro Home Centre Lite or Home Centre. These are more expensive but allow a lot more control.

    There is no amount of reading that you can do that will substitute for getting your hands on the kit and playing with it.

    You'll need to start with a good idea of what you want to do and I'm sure the forum can point you in the right direction.

    Basic Lighting (On / Off)
    Advanced Lighting (control via movement sensors / timers / switch off when leaving house or going to bed)
    Basic security (alarm goes off if entry detected)
    Advanced security (Sets automatically when you go to bed / disarms when it see's you approach your front door, etc.)
    Control of things be voice (need Siri / Alexa integration?)
    Light switches to be replaced OR have a hidden box behind wallplate OR control at bulb
    CCTV needs
    Garage door opening
    Flood sensors
    Nest (or similar) Heating integration
    Nest Protect (or similar) Smoke detection

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks so much Frank, that is very helpful. Yes I was thinking of going with Smartthings as my hub but will look into the fibaro one. Lots to learn but excited to get my project started

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