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Thread: DFP Clock?

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    Default DFP Clock?

    Forgive me if this is a daft question... but where does the DFP get it's time reference from?

    If I enable the clock, which I'd like too.. it bares no relation to the time of the PC that Cortex is running on, or the clock that's displayed in the top right hand corner of Cortex itself, it's about 1 minute fast.

    I'd like to display the clock..but it's wrong!

    Er... Help?


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    The DFP clock gets its reference from Cortex and Cortex gets this frrom the PC which in turn can be set to get updates from the internet (see clock object menu). So yes the DFP clock should be related to the clock time you see in Cortex. Cortex will refresh this at intervals of the display object polling period (see properties menu for the associated display object). In between the intervals the clock is maintained by the DFP electronics, which though not greatly accurate should certainly be able to keep good time over a 5 minute period say.

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    My experience is that the DFP clocks and generally within a few seconds of the radio pips, but can drift a little (1-2mins) occasionally.

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