Hi folks, I picked up one of the Ikea Tradfri dimmable white bulbs yesterday to give it a try, just the most basic one with the little rotary dimmer.

The bulb itself has a nice colour light and the little dimmer is a neat piece of electronics. It was bought with the intention of having the dimmer next to my 8yo's bed so he could turn it on and off himself without having to get out of bed, not as part of a "proper" automated home system.

The dimmer runs off a single coin cell and range seems to be limited. It also doesn't respond well to being spun quickly. My main issue, however, is that I don't see, to be able to fully turn the lamp off. Does anyone know if this is by design? It's specifically marketted as a "dimmer", I was wondering if you have to still use the switch with this device (which, unfortunately, defeats the object of me buying it).

I may expand this and get the bridge in the future.