I have a secondary Cortex running on a Win 7 Pro VM on a Mac Mini. It is just about OK for emergencies but suffers from increasing button lag with duration of control. I blame this on the VM. Soon it will have a proper home - in general it is very useful to have a secondary, eg castastrophic hardware failures.

However, there are 2 issues that may not be related to the VM:

1) You cannot stop the paused network on the secondary without making it run first. This is a nuisance, because...

2) On switchover there is a period of disco inferno when all the lights flash on and off. While it may be useful to know that the secondary has taken control, it doesn't go down well in the middle of the night.

3) End state with secondary active can leave "Manual control only" lights in opposite to their original state, eg on when they were off (in the middle of the night).

I may have an unusual failure mode on the primary, the desktop is unresponsive, I can ping but not RDC in. I think the primary is no longer servicing the network, based on comms window on the secondary and also network watchdog firing into reflex mode if secondary is disabled.

Anyone have similar? WAF currently negative :-(