Hi there,

Iím looking for some guidance from this forum. Weíre in the Ďluckyí position of having to do some major refurb work to our house, including new wiring and plastering. As a result Iím going to take advantage of it and have home automation installed. Iíve read feedback on this forum stating I should start with my goals, rather than the technology - so here goes:

1. Internal rooms need movement and light sensors in each room, along with Ambience bulbs (not a colour fan). This will allow lighting scenes to be triggered based on time of day / light levels and/or movement

2. Internal rooms still need a dimmer so that people can ON/OFF and Dim lights using a physical interface (itíll also allow me to use Amazon Echo Dots in many rooms to trigger the same actions)

3. Driveway lighting - supporting geo-fencing, and ability to trigger using Movement

4. Garden lighting - supporting UK power Socket On/Off - also allowing me to use Amazon Alexa to trigger on/off

5. Distribution of TV Signal distribution using CAT wiring weíll have installed, I also already have Logitech Harmony for multi-device control (Iíll likely also use this for triggering the garden lighting as well [above]).

6. Use our existing Songs platform for multi-room audio.

7. Use the same CAT5/6 wiring platform to have networking points installed in all interior rooms next to power sockets, which Iíll use for Sonos/Wifi Access Points and internal cameras for Home Security

So with that laid out, onto my questions...

1. Iím thinking of driving this all through SmartThings Hub 2, the house is a pretty standard 4 bed house, does anyone have SmartThings running at this scale?

2. Am I mad even thinking of using Smart Things for this?!

3. Local Execution, this is my major concern. I cannot have lighting switches which donít work if the internet is out. Do you have any advice on lighting switches along with Hue bulb setups which support local execution?​

Kind regards,