Hi All,

New to this forum - I have what I think is an exciting project coming up - and would be really grateful for some thoughts/ideas (indeed, I am specifically looking for!) on what approaches I can take to automating things.

In return, I'll post regular updates with pictures as the various toys get bought and installed - hopefully will be of interest to some


In January this year, I bought a new house - one that can only be described as "interesting"

I have approximately 6,500 sq. ft. and before this year it was sitting empty for the best part of a decade! There is nothing I am intending to keep as-is - every area of the house will be refurbished and it gives me an ideal opportunity to "go smart" as we do each room - I run a telecoms company and have always enjoyed tech and gadgets - now I get the chance to make a house as I want it - top to bottom!

I have an architect engaged - waiting for the various concepts to be presented over the next few weeks - after which we will start to make things happen!

I currently have 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms - all of a decent size - luckily I don't need this many bedrooms (Mrs Jim would have a fit!) so lots of opportunity to repurpose as I refurbish.

I made a list of the concepts I want to implement and automate where possible -

- Full CAT5e/6 wiring throughout
- NAS/Domain/etc
- Proper Wi-fi (likely Meraki)
- IP Telephony (Mitel)
- Multi-room audio
- Automation of lighting, temperature (rads, underfloor heating), windows, blinds
- External Lighting
- Security - inc external gate + CCTV

Can anyone think of logical things I should be adding to this list?

Budget is not necessarily a driver - but I want "bang for the buck" - I suspect there are approaches that might not be as "cuddly" as some of the well-advertised automation offerings - but that are just as capable and significantly less expensive

I figure I need to make decisions on how each element will be achieved and then get the "core" elements in place and live so that as we start to refurbish we have a standard set of systems to wire and install for each room etc

Would appreciate any thoughts - I guess my first decision is what kind of platform to go for that can drive most of the above elements? (LAN & Telephony is taken care of - they're kind of separate anyway - beyond the necessity that I'll be using the LAN to carry traffic for most of the above systems - I guess.)

Kind Regards