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Thread: Amazon Alexa & evohome/szt - small update

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    Default Amazon Alexa & evohome/szt - small update


    Amazon have made significant changes to their platform and consequently the teams were able to work together and improve the stability - we think we nailed it.

    In addition - the new Amazon instruction sets (previously in beta) are now deployed. Key for evohome and temp devices is the ability to ask about the temp and get a sensible response.

    "Alexa, what is the temperature in the living room" - "the living room temperature is 24 degrees" - it will handle .5 degree increments.

    You have to get the 'object' exactly as you named in evohome. eg You cant say master bedroom, if its master bed

    PS If you haven't already please review the skill in Amazon (it helps me out)
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