This is my first post to the forum so hello. I will begin with I am fairly new to smart home systems. I have done a fair bit of research on the forum and elsewhere but would like the opinions and guidance of people more in the know.

We are due to complete on the new house in a couple of weeks and it requires fully updating which will include a rewire and a new heating system so I would like to get a plan in place as it is the ideal time to run cables for now and in the future.

I would like to make the following systems smart but if there are any other suggestions please put them forward as I am open to anything at this stage

Heating Control

The property is fairly big so I would like to be able to zone it and control the system from away. The research I have done would suggest using Honeywell Evohome system. Would you agree?


I would like to be able to control the lighting from away from home, set scheduales etc but would also like a physical light switch in the rooms. This said I would rather the lighting be able to be controlled remotely even if the switch is in the off position. As we will be rewiring I have the option to configure the wiring to whatever suits best. I have seen the fibaro dimmers but are there any other suggestions as I could 3 wire to switches or have no hard wired switches at all if that was the answer. This said I would like it to be reliable to avoid blackout! If the lighting can work with motion and proximity all the better.

Smart Power Points

I am guessing that I will just use the plug in types such as the Wemo?


I would like to install network points to each room and several to certain rooms for smart TV's computers etc. Any pointers on how many to run and to would be appreciated. I have read 2 to each smart TV? I would also like to distribute my virgin media tv to all tv's in the house if possible along with having a network hard drive for films etc. Anything else on this I might have missed? I understand everything goes back to a central area?

Security and access


I would like to install cctv around the property that can be viewed on any TV in the house if possible. I presume a hard wired system is the way to go. I would also like to view the system remotely.


There will be an electric sliding gate for vehicle access and also an electric pedestrian gate. I would like them both to be controlled electrically where they can be opened remotely while away from home. It will also be important to have a key code or similar for access for third parties.


On both of the above access points I would like an intercom which can be accessed in the house as well as remotely. I am hoping this can work in conjunction with both of the electric gates above.

Burglar Alarm

The house has an existing alarm but I think it is an old one so an upgrade my be due. So pointers for a good system would be great. If it can intergrate with motion sensors and lighting all the better.

Centralised AV and surround sound.

I think it would be great to be able to install a sound system that can play throughout the house. This I have found less out on so any pointers would be great. We tend to use Spotify and steaming for music so a system that would integrate with that would be great.

Sorry for such a long into but I though I would ask about all of my intentions. I do not have a specified budget at this time and it may be something I have to do over time but I would like to at least get all the wiring in place so pointers of what to run and to where will be appriciated. I have read the wiring guide but if there are other views please put them forward.

If there is anything else I should be considering then please let me know.

I intend to document the journey so I can share it with others to help if possible.

Thanks for your input in advance