We have previously had discussions over security related updates to Windows. I don't want to hijack the thread that discussion developed on, so I thought I would start a new one. The following is an interesting article from Bruce Schneider, who's blog is always worth a look.

Anyway, the previous discussion had a point on motive. The article makes the point that 1) a potent motivation is now financial via ransom, and 2) the parlous state of router security mean that the cost of intrusion is particularly low. Let alone with the escape of government developed exploits to add to the armoury of attackers.

Post WannaCry, we hopefully all understand that simply having a guest with an infected PC use our wifi could lead to an infection of any vulnerable PCs on that network. Already derivatives of WannaCry have appeared, and like bacteria developing anti-biotic resistance, they are evolving past the last defence/response. The really nasty one will have a time delay before revealing itself to maximise both infection rates and make backups useless.