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Thread: What alarm and camera system would one install these days.

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    Default What alarm and camera system would one install these days.

    A friend has asked me for my opinion on having an alarm and / or camera system put in. What's out there these days, that has moved on with the times.

    10 years ago I installed a Visonic system and then added some IP cameras and they work well. But it needed a lot of hacking to get them integrated into a wider Home Automation system. Surely there must be better stuff available now.

    Any opinions.

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    I would approach it from the angle of what is your budget and what do you want it do?

    For me I didn't want to spend a fortune, but wanted a system that offered phone and internet control.

    I went for a smanos 100 which does the job for me. App isn't bad either- though is s fiddle to pair sensors. Will be much better out there but, not much with phoneline and internet built in.

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    Are you looking for a camera outside or something for inside? Going to be completely different if you want an outdoor security setup or something for inside your home.

    There are a few here Smart Home Cameras

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    It seems to be getting increasingly difficult to find cameras that don't lock you in to their paid cloud storage. I looked a few months ago and gave up and stayed with the cameras I already have. But have just bought a Ring Pro doorbell and am wondering if I want to pay 30 per year just to see who I missed at the door.

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