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Thread: Idratek compatible Dimmable LED bulb recommendations

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    Default Idratek compatible Dimmable LED bulb recommendations

    With no a little personal interest, I thought a Sticky for recommendation for LED bulbs that have been found to be compatible with either type of dimmer (SLD-002 or QLD-001) might be useful. Since the dimmers use different technology, please be as specific as possible. Please do not list LED bulbs that you have on other makes of dimmer, this should be for confirmed compatibility.

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    I may be nigh on 2 years late here - but thought I'd reply anyway.

    In my setup, I used a load of GU10's that sold under the brand of "NXT Gen" - but these now appear to have disappeared and instead they're selling Crompton bulbs instead. I suspect the "NxtGen" bulbs were actually Crompton bulbs anyway but white-labelled as their own product.

    These were largely well behaved with the SLD modules - with a 5% dim being reasonably low, and 95% being full brightness. 100% Brightness did see the SLD's failing occasionally for whatever reason, but having set the brightest scene to 95% all seemed well.

    I'll need some more bulbs shortly anyway - so I'll perhaps order some of these Crompton ones and report back how (if) they differ in behaviour.

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