The problem im trying to resolve is we undertake allot of projects in old properties where the goal is to create a zoned heating system, we cant re plumb the entire property, to create different heating loops / zones at the maifold so where are looking at various systems that can dyanmicly control the radiator valves to created a zoned heating system.

Ive reviewed various systems : Evohome, Tado, etc. But they have a couple of things im looking for which cant be done :

- Evohome (pros : digital individually controllable TRVs, Cons : no open LAN api, no native support for UFH floor sensors, no support for remote air sensors like Sontay TT-512)
- Tado (exactly the same pros and cons as the above.)

As an alternative i was looking at using the Heatmiser Neo Stat system, which im already familiar with. Issue with this system is exactly the opposite of the Evohome and Tado systems above. Eg. the only thing its lacking are digital individually controllable TRVs.

To get around this i was looking at using a hard wired actuator head (like this) as the radiator valve. This would be controlled (opened / closed) via the Heatmiser Neo Stat which will probaly be located in a cupboard near the room in question. The temprature in the room would be measured by the Neo Stat via a Sontay 512-TT air sensor. We would also need a Heatmiser wiring center connected to the Neo Stat output to bring on the boiler etc. The advantage of this system is that we could have a mixture of 4 heating sources (Radiators, water UFH, electric UFH, towel rads) in the same property all controlled through the same system.

I havnt implemeted this system yet, so would be keen for some input from anyone that can see any pitfalls in the system.

Also the wired TRV is the only one i could find, does anyone know of any other modes that would work ?