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Thread: Day Off Setting

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    Oh I agree, I was just pointing out that there's already something that works.

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    Does anyone know the actual specs of the controller, is this limitation down to being able to fit it on the controller or just unimaginative software, Really you should be able to have proper alternative named schedules and a few static preset overrides.. sort of like away, but where each room can have a different temperature.
    I work from home, my wife works some nights, my daughter who is currently living here has some flexibility in her work hours so depending on when people get up etc I could do with changing the settings.. when everyone is up shut down the bedrooms etc..currently override gets a lot of use...

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    I use a SmartThings CoRE piston to select Day Off if anyone is in the house after 0830 on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when we’re normally all out at work and school. It cancels it at 1700 and if everyone leaves between these times it selects Economy. Day Off could be more flexible but I find this works quite well.

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